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Zipper Peas

Where can I buy Zipper Peas , Either fresh or Frozen . If close enough I will drive to get them, if too far away, I woulld like them shipped. Thank you for all your help... (I'm located in Daytona Beach, Fl)

God Bless ,


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i manage a fresh produce  market in mississippi.my wife and i want to come to florida anyway we may can work something out if you still want zipper peas. they are just starting to come in in mississippi.  thanks willie welch ole timers market.Smile

Savannah, GA has them at the state Farmers Market in Garden City. They also have crowder, red eye and butter beans.

They also sell zipper peas at southwesternproduce.com.  They are not currently shipping them, but they have locations in Plant City, Florida and a couple of locations in GA.  Check out the website.  I have odered them online and they have always been fresh and flavorful!

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