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Young Adult Assisted Living Facilities in Texas

Trying to locate an assisted living facility in Texas for a young adult who is 31 years old.  She is able to walk with a walker and is mentally around age 12.   In doing research, we have only been able to find assisted living for seniors.  Thanks for any suggestions!


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Hi Sarah. I recommend checking out http://texas.uscity.net/Assisted_Living/ for a facility. Good luck!

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There is a place called Marbridge in Austin Texas that takes young adults to older people with learning problems. They live there and can work if they want to. It is a great place for any one with disabilites.

We fully understand your situation. We have a son that is 37 and has teenage mental age additionally his medications has allowed him to become obese. We have not been able to find any quaility Assisted Living Facilities available anywhere. We have started a non-profit foundation that is in the process of establishing one in Fort Worth, Texas that will specifically address the needs of young adults (30-55) that are obese. This may not help your specific problem but may help others. You can check out our progess, and contact us, at www. CiFTX.org.

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