Yesterday i had a bad diarrhea and vomiting results i ate something that night like at 11:00 P.M and i started to notice i wanted to vomit my sto

Yesterday i had a bad diarrhea and vomiting results i ate something that night like at 11:00 P.M and i started to notice i wanted to vomit my stomach hurts and it still does what can i do?

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Well, you can continue to do nothing and hope to get help on here (doubtful!). Or you can go to a doctor. 

It depends on how much pain you can tolerate.

Why do people choose to ask these questions on the internet instead of seeing the doctor? Perhaps it is a demonstration of survival of the fittest in action.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

I do go to the doctor.

HI EVERYONE JUST CAME BACK ON 9/24/12 just checking in on whats new nothing?

Kaylene, be sure to sip liquids all day, and if you cannot hold that down, you will become dehydrated and that is very dangerous.  If you continue having vomiting and diarrhea for another day, go to the emergency room of a nearby hospital.  It is nothing to play around with.  I had to spend 3 days in the hospital about 5 years ago with that problem, plus I had a rash all over my body from a medication I had been taking for 15 years.  You have to be responsible for yourself and not wait too long.  The hospital told me my episode was near fatal.  That is pretty sobering news to hear.  Do not hesitate to go to a walk-in clinic or emergency room.

If it's something you ate like chicken that wasn't cooked enough, or potato salad that wasn't refrigerated, or moldy bread, food poisoning usually lasts only 24 hours.   Or if it was just too spicy, that too should settle down in 24 hours. 

Vomiting blood would be a signal to go to the emergency room. If you ate wild mushrooms, and started vomiting, that would be a reason to go to the emergency room.  If you took some kind of drug, or you think someone might have put a drug in your drink, go to the emergency room.  Or if it could be poisoning, like someone sprayed their tomatoes and gave you some, that's another emergency.

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