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Yes do Republicans stonewall all of the jobs bills and then complain about Obama not creating jobs? Which he has done, by the way. But we could have had two million more if his bills had passed.

I am one of the people Obama promised jobs and my unemployment benefits will run out in two more weeks.  He promised to end unemployment in this nation absolutely by 2011.

I didn't know it meant by his people starving us all to death.  Of course, who was actually gullible enough to vote for Obama anyway?  I voted McCain. 

Every week another 1,200 businesses go bankrupt because of all the taxes Obama's people forced on us specifically to shut down businesses.  They cash in big because that is how corrupt Obama and hs people are.

That gives Obama billions in bribes and kickbacks to his Kenyan numbered accounts, because carpetbaggers from corrupt oil rich Islamic nations come in with tons of money and buy up our failed businesses for a song and Obama cashes in big time.

And you think that is fun?

Do not meddle in the dealings of dragons, for you are tasty with barbecue sauce.
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