YEDDIANS ... here is A "Newbie" who DID reply ... CAN ANYONE HELP HIM?

joficit Asked: I have a 1979 Chevy small block 350 cid. I was ...

I have a 1979 Chevy small block 350 cid. I was wondering if a set of 1998 heads, casting # 10147898 would work with this block. They are from a complete 1998 350 cid. with a LT1 short block and have perimeter valve cover bolts but also have self aligning rocker arms. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
This was a NEWBIE QUESTION and he did respond to my request that he indicate to us that he is a "real person".   Please try to help him; I don't know the answer.

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Rob, as I understand it, Newbie can only ask questions.  He cannot reply, pm, comment, etc.

Jada aka Yada lol... I see you've been Yada'ing me again Tongue out

One day I said, 'I will go out & look for my enemies' and on that day I found no friends. The next day I said, 'I will go out & look for my friends' & on that day I found no enemies. ~YeddaHeads~

Well this one posted a FRIST QUESTION ... looking like a classic NEWBIE and he did reply.
I don't beleive the BS that they register and get a name now but YEDDA won't let them have response ability .... WHAT A CROCK THAT IS (not by you but whoever is doing the replies for YEDDA.   
Like most lies, you give them enough rope and they will usually hang themselves.
I do not believe for a sec that YEDDA got out MOST of the NEWBIES and in flooded at same time TONS of newbies (first time on) who had s/ns now so they did some kind of registeration with YEDDA to get that ... but yedda only gave them ASK but Dont Tell (ANSWER).   
I am not stepping in it, I smell it!!!
Rob Wisdom comes from Study, Travel & Life experiences! MY YEDDA CONCEPT IS: Good questions deserve good answers; Poor ones deserve a quick/poor answer. Dumb or silly, deserves same ... and the occasional but inevitable Idiots are best just ignored.

It seems this person has decided to sign up with Yedda, hence his profile:

which is not a "Newbie" profile.

Unfortunately, my knowledge of Chevy is nill :-)

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