How did you know about yedda?

how did you know about yedda? how did you get here?

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Same here, by fluke.  I was searching through my AOL and ran across a topic that interest me and I clicked on it to read it.  I've been here non-stop since then, at that was Jan 6th or 8th.  I'm addicted.  Fortunately, my husband doesn't mind me spending my down times here.  Sometimes I lag in the chores, but he helps out and knows that I'm addicted.  As long as I provide quality time for him, all is OK.

I'll search, while you wait.

By complete fluke lol.I was looking for the lyrics of a song and input a few words into google.That led me here and now I'm addicted!

MY inferiority complex isn't as good as YOURS

I saw an article about Yedda on Israel's "Haaretz" newspaper website (though I can't find a link to it now). It was in July or August of 2006. The article was interesting, so I gave Yedda a shot.

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