What is Yedda?

What is Yedda? How does it work? why do people answer questions? How good are the answers?

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Yedda is about connecting people with questions with people with answers.
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One must do what one must do

This has been said before, but I think it's worth reiterating:

 Yedda is  about mining people's personal experience. From my perspective, it's not about just knowledge, but about people's interpretation of the world - information vs. data.


In google you'll only find already-posted stuff and you'll need to look through it to find what you want. It's good for locating a resource on the net.

In wikipedia you can find a compilation of people's knowledge about topics, though not really a personal touch.

 In yedda you can ask for opinions, you can ask about localized stuff (where's the best store in XXX for YYY), and for knowledge that might be on the web but you'll have to sift through gobs of information before finding it.

Plus you'll get the dissenting opinion (minority report) if there is one, which none of the other services offers readily.


There's another aspect to this: Yahoo came out in the 90s and organized what was there on the web so that people will be able to find it. Google did the same for the current web. Yedda will do the same to personal questions. If it's been asked before, you'll be able to find the answers based on your question. Think about it as a learning experience portal.  

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Yedda is all about sharing experience, rather than knowledge. You won't find Nobel prizes that contribute to Yedda. But rather people like you and me that think positive, ie that people should help people when they ask themselves question and can't find the answer easily.

Bored with knowledge? Try golf!

Yedda means knowledge in Hebrew. If you have a question and you could not find and answer elsewhere, you can try Yedda. People like to share their knowledge with other. ?

Yedda is about connecting people as to answer and ask question. It is almost the same as yahoo answer.They answer question  becaue as to share opinion about the specific topic but for seo purposes it will get traffic as well. We cannot say it if the answer is good unless you know the perfect or you are familiar for that question.

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hi. i am NO expert on anything. the questions i like to answer are the ones i know or i have lived through.  hopefully through my experience i can answer or give suggestions[if that's ok] to them then i hope it helps them for the better. so its with my experiences and things that i try to answer the questions.

have a great day! i hope all is well with you i hope you find your missing loved ones. as i hope mine will come home too. just try to keep postive. never give up hope.

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In spite of all it's flaws and glitches Yedda is a great site to express yourself, learn from others, and hopefully be of some help to others. Let's all try to keep this forum useful for all of us. Be kind. God bless all yeddites of good will!


Thanks! It's been a joint effort of the Yedda team, but I'll be more than happy to forward the compliment :-)


Corrine, on run here (dinner time) ... I honestly don't recall how I found YEDDA. I have a vague recollection that I might have received an invitation or prompt from AOL telling me to check it out... but I just don't remember. I don't think I got "EXPORTED from another site/IMPORTED in from ...