How will Yedda be moderated? Being a free service ...

How will Yedda be moderated? Being a free service, how will it avoid becoming something like Yahoo Answers? (Just go visit, and you'll see what I mean)

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I think you're making good points. I don't know what Yedda's plans are, but one can hope that Yahoo! Answers is the way it is because of Yahoo!'s user base (from before Y!A was launched) which is, I think, quite young. With Yedda being a more specifc site, maybe the users here will be different.

Time will tell. 


Germanicus, the basic moderation facilities are already there - voting for answers, and the report abuse link (hopefully never to be used). 

There are some additional moderation facilities running behind the scenes to monitor for intentional abuse, and a few more community moderation tools coming soon.

But I would love to hear your own thoughts about this - what kind of moderation would you like to see on Yedda?  

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The collapsing comment feature in the comments of

Digg would be an excellent way to have the community moderate the answers.  Perhaps a reason for the thumbs down (ie. "troll" or "unrelated"or "innacurate" or something like that).  That way you're not deleting what people are saying, but there is a way to have the community moderate the answers.
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I think that if Yedda get a big enough community and use google ad-words in a smart way, they can make enough money to sustain their integrity.

I think there should be moderation by user rating. If someone is tagged by members as being a spammer or answering inapropriatley, he will recieve warning and if conyinues hi e-mail address should be banned from logging in... what else can you do? that said, i don't think it will be too much of an issue...

I agree that there is a need to keep a real close eye on things.

Increased publicity for yedda recently has seen a big upsurge in the number of questions posted (and I suspect a decline in the question quality - not that I want to judge in any way because as far as I'm concerned people can ask what they want)

I do worry that yedda will end up like yahoo answers - which in some sections at least - has become almost unusable due to largely racist abuse and other similar behaviour.

My suggestions would be to let things run for a bit with no major changes but be prepared to step in behind the scenes if things take a turn for the worst.

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