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How many yards in 100 grams?

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Yards measure size or distance.  Grams measure weight.  There is no obvious relationship.  If you define a material like monofilament line, which has a known density and a known cross-sectional area, you could say that 100 yards of that material has a certain weight, or that 100 grams measures some number of yards in length.  But a rope will have a much different answer.

There is no way to convert length to weight !. 

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I'm not really sure how many grams there are in my front yard, but the back yard would have 8.239 times as many owing to the greater area and the enormous fecal presence of a bull mastiff named Growl.

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I think there are a lot of grams in the grave yard here in Memphis.

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If it's a gram of the good stuff, you can do a 100 yards there in Memphis or anywhere else.

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