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What does a yard full of robins represent?

what does a yard full of  robins represent?

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A lot of hungry birds - and your worms are coming to the surfaceCool

What is truth -

They are gathering together because they are getting ready to fly South for the Winter.

It means that you have a ton of backyard company, and lucky are the ones who get to sit back and watch them, so grab yourself a steaming mug of hot tea, and enjoy every blessed minuteSmile!

I also notice these large congregations of robins in the Spring time. The humor and irony is that you are looking for the one first robin and then you see 40 or 50!  They travel together and then they spread out.

Hi LindaRuth, I love birdsSmileand I wish I could get so lucky as to get to see this myself. But for some reason we do not get to see robins in our neck of the woodsFrownsad face. I miss them, as robins were about the only ones I was lucky enough to see when I was still living at home with my parents. 

Hi PK, I'm a bit of a bird watcher too. Still learning!   I also enjoy the birds that stay here for the winter. The cardinals and the blue jays and some of the sparrows. They look so delicate but you know they must be tough to survive in the snow.

When I lived in the country, every morning the yard would be full of quail. I'm not a hunter so I think they knew it was a safe place. Now and then we'd get a rare prairie chicken.  Sometimes scrawny wild turkeys would wander around. A few roadrunners. A crane lived down the river. We had one eagle and many hawks. I used to rescue hawks, and my fingers have the scars to prove it lol. But I love hawks. There was a tortoise that lived by the river that always came out to say hello to us when we went down to go swimming. I never did see the small antelope that are said to still exist here.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

a hazard to the barefooted.


But I love them nevertheless.

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