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Back yard drainage

What's the best type of drainage needed for back yard? Drainage must go to front of house to storm drain. Roughly 100 to 150 ft.

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An estimated 60% of homeowners have some type of drainage problem in their yard. Standing water in your yard can kill grass and other landscaped plants as well as harbor pests such as disease-carrying mosquitoes. With a little work, a wet yard can almost always be drained. The only exception being the extremely rare case of a low water table that pushes water up to the surface. An in ground yard drainage system is the perfect long-term solution to keep your yard dry and free of standing water.

  • Identify any depressions in your yard where water may be standing.
  • Before digging, call your utilities companies to make sure you will not rupture any underground phone, cable, water or gas lines buried under your yard.
  • Dig your drainage ditch and overflow well (if applicable).
  • Lay your pipe and drainage tiles.
  • Monitor for drainage effectiveness.

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