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Y do people fall in love

why do people fall in love

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Chemistry mostly. A sense of attraction, and then a mutual desire to consumate. Only people who are mature enough, and relationships that actually have a chance evolve from the "falling in love" stage to actually becoming a working couple.

It is simple, someone catches your attention and then someone catches your heart.  You can't help how, why, when or with whom you fall in love.  It is our design to fall in and out of love.  Love and be loved!!!

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People fall in love because experiencing joys and hardships and pleasures and agony is hollow when you are all alone.  Just make sure it is really love, and that you aren't confused by a need not to be alone.

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People falls in love to get love. No one knows how , it just happens, Its the feeling. 

Here, people fall in love because they want to offer someone something good that they have. They want to be with someone not as to depend on him or her but to share their life with them. They have something good to offer and they want something good in return. They want to spend time with someone not because they are scared to be alone but because they enjoy the other person’s company. They are not in the relationship with closed eyes but open eyes. They can see all; the good and bad happening, and they are ignoring the bad because they are scared to be alone, or because they feel embarrassed that it’s happening to them.but mostly because you have a connection with them and share common intrests

Being in love is about giving and receiving what is good. Please, underline the word good. Most people miss this point. A lot of people love the idea of being in love but not the actual fact. If many people understand the real reason of being in love and what being in love is, there would be less divorce, heartbreaks, suicides, violence and anything else that is related to bad breakups or bad relationships.

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