Why do xians take their libertys on atheists?

Didn't you have to be tought better than that with gays during 911?

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Seek help

Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.

I did I was told I didn't need medication. But theres some people out there that do who's religious beleifs prohibit them from what the mental health system would subscribe.





Learn to speak English. Not many people here speak babble.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

I am speaking english Bone's, I'M not saying I'M very good at it, most people who come here from other Countrys learn to speak it a lot better than I do.


But whats this thing pagans have about grammer anyway? You come on here with that atheist like your both in the national guard. It kind of clashs with your ties doesn't it?


What I was trying to say to him I will try to explain to you as well... One of the men running for president is in one of them chirstian religions that does not beleive in taking medication to treat mental illness. Try to look at it this way, if your required to wear corrective lenses and drive with out them you are a danger on the road, but the same does not apply to mental illness when maybe it should, if you should be on medication and are not taking it you could be a danger to the people. Medication acts as a chemical in the brain thats not making connections with out it.

Has nothing to do with my being a Pagan. Has to do with my being a professional writer. We tend to be finicky about English. As far as politics, I've come to despise both democrats and republicans. They're all useless, hateful loons so far as I can tell.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

Was it the title or the content with in that disturbed you most? Maybe I could explain myself better from where I was coming from if I knew more of what I said that does seem to be causing an misunderstanding. The title? Or the content?


I used the edit feature by adding to this post which the boards didn't have while I really like that feature, but it doesn't tell you when someone does use the edit feature which I'M not to crazy about that. But if you could tell me where the misunderstanding is coming from I would really like to know myself and explain better where I was coming from over where most seem to be misinterpreting where I'M coming from.

(Why do Xians take their libertys on atheists?)



What was on my mind to write in the title was...

 (Why do christians try to take their libertys on atheists?)

I will try that through the edit feature, but if it cuts off I will put it right back to the way it was.

Define Libertys (liberties)

You can take something out on somebody, but you can't something on somebody.

What is it you feel Christians are doing to atheists? Because as far as I can see it's the atheists that seem to feel compelled to comment on any subject that even looks like it might be religious in nature, and do so in the rudest, most offensive manner possible. WTF is it with that attitude? I'm a deeply religious person, but every time an atheist says something I'm not obsessively compelled to make an asshole out of myself by making rude comments.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

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