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Can I download xbox 360 games on to my pc, then play them on my xbox 360? If so how?

Can I download xbox 360 games on to my pc, then play them on my xbox 360? If so how?

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Yes you can, you need to first flash you drive with IXtreme firmware, then download the ISO via torrent or newsgroups, burn with clone cd and voilla - your done!

there are sites out there which explain in more detail such as

<a href="http://modsandhacks.net/tag/xbox-360-hacks/">Xbox 360 Hacks</a>

download the games from any torrent site ,then use a program called abgx gui to stealth patch the games and check for game corruption . then after that use a program called imgburn , there you go a backup copy of your game . the xbox console must be flashed or this will be pointless

first off all your xbox 360 will have to flashed ,if it is not flashed then there are tuts all over the net on how to do it ,but if your not sure about doing it your self then there are companys that will do it for you ,userly only about £15/£20.once this is done all you will need is a program like clone dvd .once you have copyed the game of your desire you will need a program called imgburn ,you will only need to change 1 thing on the program and that is the layer break in the write section on the user specified and type in 1913760 and hit ok then press the write to disc symble at the bottom .job done , any questions just ask

i would like to add that i am not liable for the actions anyone takes i am only repeating the words from other users

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