Xanax and Alcohol

Is there any problem with taking Xanax after drinking alcohol, or drinking alcohol after taking Xanax? Does the alcohol change the way the drug works, and could it be dangerous?

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Xanax and alcohol together is enough to cause alcoholic hepatitis, peripheral neuropathy, cereballar degeneration, brain atropy, and stroke. All in all, taking xanax and drinking alcohol in order to get rid of depression and panic attacks is not a good idea.   So, never ever think of mixing xanax with alcohol to deal with depression. It won't enhance the effect but will probably play with your life!

Don't do it. You could end up in a type of coma!

im not a doctor but I can relate two separate incidents to you that will cause me to stay the hell away from xanax while drinking.  THEY CAUSE VERY SCARY BLACKOUTS!!

On a normal sunday afternoon, I took two xanax to help ease some heavy anxiety i had been experiencing lately... i felt fine all evening, and later had about 2 1/2 glasses of wine after dinner.  my boyfriend went to sleep and the last thing i remember is that i wanted to stay up and watch a movie.  next thing i remember is waking up in my bed the next morning.  my boyfriend had found me passed out on the couch and had to carry me to bed.  also, i checked my phone logs and i had sent crazy text messages to all sorts of people  up until 4am and they didnt even make sense - i was so embarrassed, I dont remember a thing.

Incident two - the following night... mind you, i had taken the xanax sunday and thought that for sure it was out of my system the next day.  i went out with a few friends to the bar monday night and had about 5-6 beers which is way less than normal and my friends said that i was getting really emotional about all sorts of things by the end of the night and was crying and that i just passed out in mid-sentence. 

ive taken other prescription medication before while drinking, but nothing has ever f-ed me up or scared me as much as xanax did.  i will never take it again, even for anxiety.  i was so embarassed about my behavior around my friends (they said i didnt act drunk, i just acted really "messed up") and the fact that blacked out and dont remember a thing.  All i can say is please be VERY VERY CAREFUL!  I NEVER KNEW THIS DRUG WAS SO POWERFUL!!!

yeah man theres definately an effect when you take xanax and then drink,even if you tkae them hours before you drink you still get sloppy drunk and it makes you fearless,it changes who you are,ive done it,so fis hand experience...if you do it you wont emember ANYHING from the nigh before,maybe jus like quick flashes but thats it. i dunno... i hope that answered ur question... i dunno, i seen it so i decided to tell you....later :)

YES!! I used to take Xanax and drink all the time to party, and like these other people say, it will make you forget everything and you will pass out. One time I fell asleep on the couch after a night partying and my mom shot a video of my little sister jumping up and down on top of me and I never moved an inch. They also stuck a pacifier in my mouth and took pictures and I didn't know it. Another time, I hadn't even taken any Xanax and had only had one beer, but I guess it was still in my system from the weekend because I woke up in the bathtub and don't know how I got there. Be very careful with this, because if you take too many Xanax with alcohol, it could very easily lead to an overdose, not to mention you will probably do things you will regret, or that could get you in trouble with the police.

Do not do it!!  I got prescribed Xanax about a year ago for some severe anxiety, but I was also in College and had recently turned 21 years old, and I can honestly tell you I have never embarassed myself so much in such a short period of time ever!  I would take 2mg of Xanax and go out to the bars with friends, and then after awhile they would get so fed up with me and couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.  I would start calling ex-girlfriends professing my love and telling them how much I missed them, I would see old friends and just get really emotional and start crying.  Also the opposite would sometimes happen where I had a ill-founded confidence and would go ask out every pretty girl at the bar until I could get one to come home with me.  I even had one night where I took 4mg and had a few drinks with some friends, the next morning I woke up in a hotel room in Reno, NV with people I didn't know and I had gambled away $2,000 I took as a cash advance from a credit card.  I live in Nor CAL so it's only about a 4 hour drive, but I still drove that messed up and didn't remember!  For some reason I kept doing this and I ended up getting out of control, skipping all my classes and charging up huge amounts of debt.  I had to take incompletes in most of my classes that semester and I am having a really hard time dealing with the financial crisis I put myself into. 

Xanax is great for anxiety disorder, but if abused or taken with alcohol it can be one of the worst thing that happens to you.  If you have ever seen somebody who took too much, or took some with alcohol they look and act like zombies that just had a lobotomy.  If you need the medication, take it in a small dose to the point where you feel comfortable and do NOT mix with alcohol.  I seriously think that abusing benzodiazepines can be one of the worst mistakes you can ever make in life because you will do tremendous damage not only to your body but to your life and you most likely won't remember it!

 Be Safe!!!

Same here about drinking and xanax.  I am a wine lover and also do take xanax at the same time.   I am 49 year old female with six kids, only 1 at home.  I have severe anxiety so that is how I got hooked on the xanax.

I also like to gamble so I have learned like mvpierce that you do stuff that you would normally not do.   Last year I was in Reno gambling and do not know how I got back to my room but I had no money left.  I don't remember even walking away from the table.  The last think I remember was I had around $400 in chips on the table and going to the bathroom.  The next day I told the pit boss that I had gotten trashed at the BJ Table and I thought I might have left my money there.  Of course he looked and asked around but of course there was no money to be found.   I just told my husband I lost the money playing, he knew I was screwed up and actually I don't remember to much about that trip.

I know try and only take 2mg of xanax at night to sleep but there are some days I do take an extra 2mg if needed.    Be careful if you do take xanax it does work great but it is very addictive.  I tried to get off of it but 3 days of no sleep and I felt like I was going to die, I had rather take the xanax any day than to have had that weekend from hell.

nickr said it well, also remember the alcohol will intensify the effects of the xanax, can be potentially deadly combination!

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