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How can you say how great you are when you have ...

How can you say how great you are when you have left many small business people in NZ out of pocket with your shonky, dodgy dealings? Many people gave you tens of thousands of dollars and you never repaid a cent. You are a shallow, inconsiderate con artist who uses threats and aggression at the first sign of a complaint. I pity anyone dealing with you, pity them for not doing their homework & being conned out of their hard earned dollars while you deliver crap samples that you receive for free. You may have forgotten easily about the tens of thousands you have already conned to date but we won't. Ever. And one day we will meet again, you big fat Ginger pom.

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He can say how great he is because he is the ultimate narcissist. He is so full of hubris that he is immune to any sort of emotional guilt, despite his actions costing HONEST kiwis thousands of dollars. He is a bully and like all bullies is ultimately a coward and true to type has run away back to the UK. Well Stephen Soos. The internet is your hunting ground, but it also makes it hard to hide fella and your shonky little enterprise www.crystalmedical.co.uk www.crystalmedicalsales.com. You may have run away, but it aint over, not by a long shot, not until you pay every cent you owe.

It looks like Stephen and Emma soos are upto some new tricks in Leicester/Nottingham With clinical lasers, now since rebranded to mediisio with promises that amount to you paying them your money At which point they lose contact with you and a bit after you receive some poor quality machines. They are now promoting body face couture treatments would you trust your face & body With these guys as they have no conscience!

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