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From what I have read, it ia a rather nasty browser hijacker. It seems that they are hijacking your money, too.

Be very careful about the removal.

Sight unseen, I would recommend the browser removal tool that comes with Avast Free. It has gotten rid of several for me.

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I just checked my money, saw an odd charge. this site was charging me 19.95.  Can't find the site or a phone number.  I am at a loss to stop this invasion.  any suggestions?

Michael Brigman

I to am getting charged by the at  a debit of $19.95; I would appreciate any help to close my account with them! This Hacker should be legally persecuted and made to pay restitutions for their crimes; whether it be incarcerated or penalized to pay a nasty fine! So if there is anyone out there to help or knows where to go for help on this please respond to this inquiry?

Betsy Edwards

I just talked to my bank and they cancelled my debit card and told me to go to a branch and file a dispute on the charges.  Will let you know if it helps !!


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