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Leftists live on hate. What if you will not hate?

You have seen leftists. There must be a thousand cults of these losers always trying to get everyone to hate people that leftists hate. But if you will not hate, that forcibly ...
  Posted 22 hours ago .


Why are leftists all such incoherent bigots? We ...

Why are leftists all such incoherent bigots? We have all seen billionaire drug lord leftist liberals preaching hard-core XXX propaganda at your children to get money to keep ...
  Posted 3 hours ago .


Air miles on shopping?

Earn air miles on shopping? Any banks which gives free air mile on shopping ?
  Posted 7 months ago .


What is your opinion , Hard Comparison between The Three main religions on the ground ? 24

The text of John's Gospel is the only one to designate him as Parakletos in Greek, which in English has become 'Paraclete'. The following are the essential passages: “If you love ...
  Posted 7 days ago .


Is Federal Education Obsolete?

Rick Santorum: "I'm saying that local communities and parents should be the ones in control over public education, certainly not the federal government, and I think the state ...
  Posted 3 years ago .