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Wrong words come out

When talking I will mix up the words or say something totally off the wall. For instance instead of saying "Put your coat on" I will say "Put your fridge on". The words just pop out of my mouth. It was funny at first but now it happens frequently and it is embarassing. I don't know what is causing this.

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Nicole, offhand I can think of two possible reasons for your problem.  Either should lead you to see a doctor.  A small stroke could affect your speech, as could dementia.  A trip to the doctor could rule out either of these reasons, and perhaps let you know it's something inconsequential.  (Maybe your brain is just following a different track than your mind.)

what ever happened?  same thing is going on with me!  last night my kids were in the tub and I told them "come on guys, time to get out of the fridge" - I of course meant tub.  I have also inserted the wrong words a few other times as well.

this just started with me last night - i told my husband to have a bottle when i mean "have an apple''. Today I referred to my daughter's playmate "Ewan'' as "urine'' - to his mom no less!!! I am in my late 30s and working with 2 young kids and a sick mom  so i'm under stress -this is the only thing i can think of.......

Nicole I think you're preoccupied with too many other things. Subconsciously you are thinking of something else when you are trying to convey another thought consciously. It happens to everyone on occasion, if it is happening frequently, you need to calm down, destress and try to clear your mind of the clutter. The older we get the more clutter there is, and eventually the circuits of the brain can't handle the overload. Hence, the miscommunication.

I don't think there is anything seriously wrong with you, I think your circuits are just overloaded with too much information.

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