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My cat is howling, can't poop or pee, keeps moving to different spots to try to poop, and lays down on his side, what is wrong?

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Could be constipated, call VET now!! Dangerous!

If this is a male cat, this certainly sounds like a urinary blockage (crystals in the urine) to me.  I've had at least 2 cats with this problem.  A visit to the vet is definitely in order.  After resolving this blockage, I've found that "Urinary" cat food by Pro Plan is most effective.  Let me know how things work out.

It sounds like some kind of blockage or it could also be a kidney problem. 


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I had a cat at one time, that would not eat what I was tring to feed her, and she quit relieving herself. I took her to a vet and her kidneys had shut down and if I had not gotten her help she would have died. Hope this isn't the case, but in any case you had better have the cat seen by a vet.

Don't wait for answers GO TO THE VET NOW.  Could be blockage or kidney failure.


Or it could be it swallowed something like a piece of string and accordioned it's intestines.  That is what happened to mine and I didn't take to vet seeon enough.

My cat died because I didn't do something about those same symptoms until is was too late.  Emergency exploratory surgery had to be done. String (the red casing around sliced bologna) had become entwined in its intestines. We had no idea the cat was going in the trash can when we weren't there, eating and swalling this string.  Part of the intestines had to be removed.  The cat died the next day. DO SOMETHING ASAP if you can.  Most vets will work with you financially. 

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