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For starters, no one is going to read a 100000 word question.

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Dillyn Featherstone

For starters, you are a dick.

Anonymous Comment

Sorry if the truth bothers you, Dick. But no one wants to read a novel on here. So stop trying to be an internet tough guy and just STFU.

Dillyn Featherstone

I am not trying to be an internet tough guy, I am trying to get things off my mind, and you are being a dick. If you want, I will give you the address I am at, and you can come and talk to me. I don't care. I was just trying to talk to people, and you started trying to be a tough guy, not me. So shut up.

Anonymous Comment

Not true.

All I said was no one is going to read a question that long. I never called you any names or tried to act tough.

And then YOU called me a dick.

So, the first thing you need to do is understand that when you ask a question in a PUBLIC forum, you will get replies you may not like. Part of being an adult is knowing how to deal with other human beings. Calling people derogatory names will not get you any help.

I honestly hope you get the help you need, but I have a feeling you may need the kind of help that only a professional can give. Don't be afraid to seek the help you need. There are millions of people every day who do just that and they are usually glad they did. Self medicating with alcohol and drugs never helped anyone in your situation, so use your head and do the right thing.

Dillyn Featherstone

I just found the comment unnecessary, but I see you are right. I apologise. Thank you.

Anonymous Comment

After you called me a dick I may have overreacted a little, so I apologize. Are you from the UK? I notice you spell "apologize" with an "s" instead of a "z".

Dillyn Featherstone

Yes, I am from Manchester, England, but currently stuck in Texas lol.

Anonymous Comment

My Mother and Grandparents were in London and then Preston during World War II and they came to the US in the 1960's. She still calls elevators "lifts" and spells "color" as "colour".

You should get in touch with the British Consulate and see if they can help you get home.

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