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I am considering several titles. Do I call it "The Anus Monologues" and have the characters come on stage and talk about their appreciation for their anuses, how they use them, how they wipe them ...

Bonestructure, thank you for your kind advise.  That guy sounds just like Dr. Kelly!  As you know, I am very openminded and would never refuse anything like this.  That's unlike all the leftist and Muslim bigots that vote for Obama.  Which only proves that they are nothing but frauds who hate America and all the freedoms that the Christians and Jews of this country had nurtured over the centuries until the racist atheist bigots elected Jimmy Carter to destroy this  country.


Left wing extremists will always be the surliest of all deranged bigots.  Their insult games, lies, and childish misconduct only prove that leftists are stereotypical cases oif arrested development.  That is why leftists like George Wallace were natural shoe-ins for the Klan and the Democrats.  Oh, I'm sorry.  The one has the same roster as the other so why do we carry two rosters?

Typical, and disappointing, that these people are always easily predictable . . . just like Physicalist and his 200+ monikers.

Rock on!

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