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How to write a letter requesting a second medical opinion?

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Ordinarily, you don't do a letter.  You normally have a doctor you trust refer you to another doctor.  If you don't have a doctor you trust (or that is the one you want a 2nd opinion about), then you need to call and make an appointment with another doctor and just go and tell them whats wrong and see how they diagnose it and what they say.   If they need to review Xrays or other patient records to advise you, you will need to gather those for them or authorize them to get them for hospital/other doctors.

Is this for getting right decision before acting on it (like pre surgery) or is it to set up a second opinion for a law suit?   If it is for lawsuit purposes, you should have your attorney advise you on how to get the 2nd opinion and you should know that some doctors will not testify against others (so you could waste a vistit if you go to one of those and if you are thinking of using them as an expert opinion in a contemplated lawsuit).


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