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How would you celebrate once we catch or kill bin Laden? I would celebrate by going to the fanciest bar in town (that has Queen's hits), ordering something tasty, and requesting to play "Another One ...


I'm sorry to break it to you, but Osama has probably not been alive since December, 2001. The CIA recently admitted that they made that so-called confession tape with an actor playing Bin Laden. You can look at it yourself and see that the nose is twice as big as Bin Laden's and the Osama in the tape is twice as heavy as the real Osama was.Anyway, read the book OSAMA BIN LADEN, DEAD OR ALIVE? by David Ray Griffin, and you'll see what I mean! Also, the FBI does not include 9/11 on the list of things he's wanted for on their web site, because, according to them, there's no evidence he was involved in 9/11. He was just the U.S. bogey man. Sorry!


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Egao No Genki Thinks this answer is Helpful:

i think the reason why they used an actor to portray bin Laden is so they would have an excuse to stay at war with the Taliban. Is that right?

James Hufferd

That's EXACTLY right! The evidence shows that 9/11 was an inside job, "false flag" op, and that Arabs or Bin Laden couldn't have been responsible for it. Check out ae911truth.org, and patriotsquestion911.com.


Egao No Genki Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Wow, what an air of conspiracy!

James Hufferd

Now, go to 911truth.org, get involved and find a group where you live, and help bring pressure for a new, unbiased investigation of 9/11 in response to all the compelling evidence! What we need is JUSTICE!

Anonymous Coward: Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Obama's birth Cert??????/ Where is it?

Southern 7162

Leftists and their paranoid conspiracy theories.............

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