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Worms Found in C&H Sugar

My Family and I found little barely can see them (transparent with brown stripes) worms in our C&H Sugar. If anyone knows what they are and if they can hurt humans if eaten, we would really like to know. Thanks

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We read your posting that you found worms in a package of C&H sugar.  We have never had an incident involving worms in our sugar before, and we are confident that it was the result of cross-contamination from other products (flour, cereal, rice, etc.) that were stored close to the sugar while the products were in transit or storage. 


We certainly understand and share your concern in this matter and want you to know we have very strict controls, which include: screens, metal detectors, and magnets, in our processing and packaging areas to prevent any kind of contamination.  The high temperatures involved in the manufacturing process and the pressure from the weight of the sugar also prevent live insects. 


If you have a sample of the sugar and the contaminant, please send these items and the packaging to the following address:  C&H Sugar Co., Attn:  Connie Hunter, 830 Loring Avenue, Crockett, CA 94525.  We would like to ask that if at any time in the future you should purchase any C&H product which you do not believe meets our standard of the highest quality, that you return a sample to us, with the packaging, including the lot number (sample:  79234B21. 




Connie Hunter, C&H Sugar Co., Consumer Relations Specialist

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