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Working next to your ex lover

How to continue working side by side with  ex lover at the same job. I go back to work monday and we broke it off this weekend. I am the one that got dumped. Not angry but hurt.

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  Just act like you don't know him.  Don't make a big deal out of it.

Be honest and be true to yourself.

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It would be good if ya'll could look past the break up and still be friends. Talk to him about it. I have broken up with lots of people and we all still hang out. Just because you work together doesn't mean you  can't get along. I know your hurt over it,  just take it one day at a time.

Try to make the best of it. Of course you're hurt but should still be friendly towards him..try to remain on good terms since you have to see him on a regular basis.

Be cool, don't get emotional and don't over react in public and don't tell everybody your dirt.

The best revenge is  a life.. well lived.. Put on your best clothes, your best smile,  have some of your friends call at work and ask you out. No whining or appearing hurt. Make him believe you could care less and that you have not only moved on but are better off for it.. It is very hard to do.  It is the only thing that will help you feel better and if anything will change his mind.. that will

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