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Workers comp question

I have a workers comp claim. Do I get paid for time to go to physical therapy

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Thank you so much for your reply. I have been unable to find any law anywhere that states that. Are you an HR person? I live in Colorado. Any guidance how to find where it is stated that they should pay?

they should be paying for your loss of wages and they should pay your gas to and from if you keep tract of mileage

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Is there any body that help with advance loan on a workers comp case in

I was just hired by a company called LawLeaf and they provide worker compensation funding. It dpends though where your case is located. There are some states that don't allow worker comp. funding. Check out the site by clicking on the link below: Lawsuit funding

About workers comp and being fired

they will have to prove that your firing is not in retaliation to your claim against them. get a lawyer.document everthing.keep a journal,that only you know about.


There a few possible outcomes here. One is that the city is not liable for anything if it is shown that they are not at fault for your injury or you signed a waiver. If you were being paid as an employee then you likely can file a workers comp claim. The last being that they are liable for damages ...

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