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My Doctor's office has a Fax Machine, and sent a ...

My Doctor's office has a Fax Machine, and sent a fax to my Pharmacist. My Pharmacist says that no fax was received from my Doctor. My Doctor's office could not supply me with a receipt from their fax machine showing that they had sent the fax. Is it true that there may be old fax machines that do not print out a receipt showing the date and time a fax has been sent?

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Yes it can happen but why don't you just ask for it to be faxed again or called in?

Yes, it happens in traditional fax machine. I suggest you try to go for online faxing. It's more reliable and budget-friendly. RingCentral can give you details about it.

yes yes yes ;)

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Why dint you ask them to fax it again. Some fax machines wont isue a reciept. To be sure you can call them to send it again. If it still wont work try to visit internetfax101 .

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