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How many words per page on MS Word doc?

About how many typed words per page can you get in a microsoft word doc?  Normal margins, 1" all around (suppose that might not be normal) and just straight typing of manuscript.  font size 12, arial print.  I'm just looking for guestimate though, does not have to be exact.

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1200 has been considered the "standard". This assumes a line feed (blank line) between paragraphs. This value has been used by typesetters for many years. 

HOWEVER, you got me curious so I dragged out Word and made up a page, pretty densely typed with six "paragraphs". 

Using the Tools menu, I located "Word Count" which yielded a value of approximately 3400 characters including spaces using the font and size you indicated. However, I suspect that this is rather denser than a normal paper or page would be, but it gives you a solid basis for calculation. 

A completely filled page with no paragraph breaks, but spaces to emulate normal typing yielded 4100 characters. 

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Thank you for your speedy reply!  I appreciate it!Laughing

Since you asked for approx word count rather than number of characters, I did a count on a fairly typical letter I had written and that yielded 600 words. This was from 40 lines of type and 15 average words per line.  If you use that formula and adjust your answer depending on how many lines you typically type on a page you will not be too far out. 

Hope this helps   Pete

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