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How to word my letter of resignation when leaving a hostile work Environment.

“letter of resignation" when the work place is hostile what to say in you letter of resignation.

when your boss and co-workers are creating a hostile and uncomfortable work place. How to word my letter of resignation to HR.

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Remember, a resignation letter is to formally tell your company that you plan to quit. Your resignation letter should NOT say why you are resigning. Make it polite, crisp to the point and emotionless.

First talk to your HR, as talking to your boss would not help given your specific situation. Explain all the factors, and then later offer your resignation. don't resign in the same meeting. Give him some time to work out a solution.

Do NOT reflect any situations in your resignation letter. Don't make it look like a complaint ticket or a feedback form. Whatever grievances you may have, you can express them in the exit interview.

-- Ravi Kiran Malladi (mravikiran@yahoo.com)

Sample could be as below:

Dear Mr. X,

After much deliberation, I had decided to resign and pursue career out side ABC organization.

As per the contract, I would serve the orgnaization for a notice period of 'n' months during which I shall be helping with the transitions. Please let me know the preferred way of completing the transition and other formalities. I am however open to closing earlier than the notice period if we could mutually agree.

I thank the ABC organization for giving me good opportunities and good experiences.

So & So.

I had a little trouble with this before. What I did is to say it personally and in a nice way..

Here is a article that will tell the points to think about before resigning..

https://www.jobsindubai.com/career.asp?qArticleID=52&page=2 or visit this link UAE Jobs

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