Which wood or woods do not float ?

I understood from my mother's carpenter ( the man has died recently so I can not ask him ) that there is one kind of wood that do not float in water, and I can't remember it's name.


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Bhotan Palm, Bayleaf Palm: locally bo-tan: Sabal morrisiana: Family Palmae
A fairly large tree with extremely dense wood that does not float in water.

It is used extensively to build docks, "muelle", piers, sea walls and as rollers for putting boats in or out of the water. ibis wood is primarily imported from the mainland.



These types of wood are known as ironwood North American ironwoods include the American hornbeam, the mesquite, the desert ironwood, and leadwood (Krugiodendron ferreum).

Water has a specific gravity, or relative density, of 1. To sink in water, a substance must have a specific gravity greater than 1. Leadwood has a specific gravity between 1.34 and 1.42, making it the densest wood in the United States.

The world's most dense wood is black ironwood (Olea laurifolia), also called South African ironwood. Found in the West Indies, it has a specific gravity of 1.49 and weighs up to 93 pounds (42.18 kilograms) per foot.


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 There are a number of woods that do not float that are generally termed "ironwoods" such as LIGNUM VITAE, MOPANI and others. These very dense woods have uses as diverse as bearings in boatbuilding, kayak paddle tips and even sunken aquarium decorations.

The wood you are looking for is called Lignum Vitae. This wood has a

density between 1.28 and 1.37g per cu.cm., so it will sink in water.

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