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I have been very stressed out with family problems ...

i have been very stressed out with family problems and for around two months i have had shortness of breath, heart palputations, anxiety, hot flushes, extreemly painful periods and constant tiredness. could this be the early signs of menopause? i have also been feeling sick and strange, slightly paranoid. please help

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perhaps, you did not give your age.

HOWEVER, from what you describe it sounds like it could all be the result of ANXIETY or a combination of DEPRESSION and ANXIETY.    They can cause all those heart pains and tiredness and much of what you say.  

I suggest you see your doctor and explain all this to him.  He can do physical tests if he thinks it is a heart problem (to rule it out) and he can tell you about menopause and if he sees anxiety attacks and/or depression he can prescribe medicine that will help you.   I've not had them, but people who have anxiety attacks say that can be horrible and much like what you describe.  Please talk to your doctor and let him/her figure out exactly what it going on and help you.


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Yes  could be  your best to get doctors advice at  a  gynecologist  Also you may have generalized anxiety  disorder

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Listen to Rob go to a doctor!

HAve you thought of having your irons levels checked?  Your symptoms sound similiar to mine and my iron levels were very low.  Have been taken iron in liquid form for several months now and the palpitations much reduced, tiredness gone and feeling much stronger.

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