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I'm 37 and my posture is getting worse. My mom'm ...

I'm 37 and my posture is getting worse. My mom'm mom (grandma) walked kind of slumped over (hunched over) and I don't want to get this way too. I'm tall (5 foot 10) and I always had excellent posture. Enough background, I am looking for some tried and true exercises to make my back stronger and my posture better. I should say that about 10 years ago I had a herniated disc in my lower back, so nothing that will hurt that again.

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in addition to exercise, be sure you are getting adaquate calcium daily; if need be take a calcium supplement (no risk or problems with it).   Your mom like had osteoprosis due to inadaquate calcium (perhaps not, but probably).  Do NOT overlook female need for calcium for bones (as women lose calcium during periods).


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My posture was pretty bad a few years back myself but I began just trying harder to stand up straight and it began feeling more natural.

Sitting, sleeping correctly and just putting effort in to your posture whilst walking are the most important things. As soon as you start to get lazy with your posture correct yourself. It will feel unnatural at first but it will begin to feel more comfortable after a few days or weeks.

Your back may well have weakened over the years so doing some back exercises should help you. Push yourself a little bit with this exercise and try to do at least 2 sets of 10 per day.

Rob covered the diet aspect pretty well so I won't go over that again. Improving your posture is very important. You will appear taller, younger, look and feel more confident and you won't get as much long term back pain.


Hi Mel45, actually, other than exercise, the only way to improve your posture is that changing your daily routine. Being in one position if you are in 8-5 deskjob without thinking of how you are sitting down is very bad.

Keep in mind to stretch every 15-20 minutes. Take time to do this everyday. Driving also affects your posture especially if you are sitting for a long time, so make sure you are sitting properly and comfortably. Anything that puts your body in one position, you got to stretch every now and.

That should help you alot come 5-10 years of this daily routine. You don't cure yourself overnight, however with this little things you do, it helps you long term.

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A good exercise to improve your posture is the

One-arm row and the


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