Women's Genuine Seal Fur Coat Vintage


I would like to know if the Vintage fur coat that I own, has a resale value. Would you refer me to anyone?


It is a full length Seal Dyed Coney. Manufactured by Queens Land.


Thanking you in advance, for your consideration.  I will understand if you prefer not to advise.

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If you look on ebay, there are seal fur coats for sale for about $50, but I would advise that you contact a Furrier who may buy it from you or a Vintage store.

Let the sun shine!

It is important to note that seal dyed coney is not seal fur.  It is rabbit (coney) fur dyed to look like seal.  The resale value is strongly dependent on the quality of the coat and fur itself.  Often, the fur can begin to dry rot if it has not been stored properly over the years.  Either way, rabbit fur is not very expensive and I have seen many vintage rabbit coats for sale that range from $10-$40.  If you find someone else who thinks it actually is seal, you can probably get more for it (if you don't mind being dishonest...).

is there a value to a vintage seal fur coat? it is 3/4 lenght, black, no tags or lables, in moderately good condition. also have a green tweed like vintage mink collared below the knee lenght coat. thanks

i would like to know the value of two coats & 2 hats  that are vintage. first hat is mink with brown bow and netting the next is black seal fur bow hat also w netting

the first coat has no lables or tags and is seal skin 3/4 lenght black

the second is green tweed like material with a mink collar, again there are no tags

you have a serious problem for wearing fur.  go on https://secure.peta.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1957
to see how they make your fur coat. 

Maybe then you will realise the extent of you wearing a fur coat.

Hey Peta girl.  Give it a rest already.  If you inherited a fur coat that is now vintage (mine is 90 years old) that means I don't need to ever but another coat made with Chinese child labor and other resources.  One coat for 3 lifetimes, my grandmothers, my mothers and now mine.  Fur is warm, no wonder the Eskimos (and yes, American Eskimos prefer to be called Eskimos, not like the Canadian Inuits) stayed so warm with seal fur.  Should I just burn it now and buy 20 more coats and use up even more of the earth's resources?  Instead, I'll wear it to the McDonald's and have a double cheeseburger with all the other low-income folks. 

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