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Women with their menstral cycle should not can or hand crush tomatoes the will spoil? Is this fact? or fiction?

is there any truth to tomatoes spoiling if you are canning during your menstral cycle? or using your hands to crush tomatoes for sauce during your menstral cycle?? sorry, i know its a crazy question but a nieghbor told me this and i am about to make homade spaggetti sauce from fresh home grown tomatoes.

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Recalling a personal experience, I believe it to be true. My mother and grandmother both swear by it and have learned the hard way. I have canned many items from our gardens over the years. One year before I heard about this wives tale, I had helped mom and grandma can 190 quarts of tomatoes. After the first batch of 16 quarts was in the canner, I went to the bath room and when I came out I had to ask mom if she had any feminine products because I had started my period. They were both horrified and needless to say, my services were no longer required that day. They explained why and I didn't believe them, but was glad to have the rest of the day off from canning. I came back later in the afternoon to see that every single jar had sealed. However a week or so later, jars became un-sealing and the first 16 were in the back of the shelves. They were hissing at first and some were already turning brown. That was the batch I helped with and I am so glad I told them. Had I not mentioned it, there would have been all that wasted time , energy and tomatoes! I'm living proof!

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