Who was the first woman in the bible to pray and ...

Who was the first woman in the bible to pray and for what?

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No but my guesses are debraoh or hagar or hannah, but i can only find hannah prayer in the bible

Hannah, as far as I know.


There is also Rahab who appears before Hannah (1 Samuel), but I don't think there is a prayer recorded for her specifically.  Also in Ruth you have Ruth, but again I don't think there is a specific prayer recorded for her either.

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Jehovah’s concern for the welfare of women is evident from the instances in which he acted in behalf of some of his female worshipers. Twice he intervened to protect Abraham’s beautiful wife, Sarah, from being violated. (Genesis 12:14-20; 20:1-7) God showed favor to Jacob’s less-loved wife, Leah, by ‘opening her womb’ so that she bore a son. (Genesis 29:31, 32) When two God-fearing Israelite midwives risked their lives to preserve Hebrew male children from infanticide in Egypt, Jehovah appreciatively “presented them with families.” (Exodus 1:17, 20, 21) He also answered Hannah’s fervent prayer. (1 Samuel 1:10, 20) And when the widow of a prophet faced a creditor who was prepared to take her children to pay off her debt, Jehovah did not leave her in the lurch. Lovingly, God enabled the prophet Elisha to multiply her supply of oil so that she could pay the debt. Thus she preserved her family and her dignity.—Exodus 22:22, 23; 2 Kings 4:1-7.
21 Far from encouraging a disparaging view of women, therefore, the Hebrew Scriptures present a balanced picture of their lot among God’s servants. Although Jehovah did not shield his female worshipers from the fulfillment of Genesis 3:16, women were treated with dignity and respect by godly men who followed Jehovah’s example and heeded his Law.
22 In the centuries following the completion of the Hebrew Scriptures, the role of women changed among the Jews. By the time Jesus appeared on earth, rabbinic traditions had greatly restricted women in their religious privileges and their social life. Did such traditions influence the way Jesus dealt with women? How should Christian women be treated today?

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