Should the woman have more say in naming a child than the man or should it be equal?

My dad and sister told me that my future wife (or "baby mama" as my dad put it) will likely have more say over naming or children than I do, and that I will not have any say unless she gives it to me.  I suppose the reason is that she is the one that carries and gives birth to the child.  Incidentally, my dad and sister do not know that I am gay.  LOL

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I think all women are gay lords wither their gay or not maybe we should ask you instead. You can adopt and now in some states you can even get married.


You've come a long way baby.



Couples work together, partnership.

Unless You'r raising the child alone. You definitely want to get the fathers input. And come to a mutually  acceptable name. You'll love the kid whatever (s)hes named, so what does it really matter who got their way in the naming.

Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.

Your Dad and Sister are simply telling you the truth of most couples situations.  Women rule the roost, even when she convinces the man that he is the "boss of the house."

        Women's opinions matter to them a lot more than they do to a man.  A man(generally speaking) wants to make his wife happy, so he can shrug off the small names...if it makes her happy, then he is happy.  Not so with women.  If she feels deeply about the name, she'll name the baby what she wants to name it.  It is best if they talk it over and each has some input and they compromise, but when push comes to shove, a woman will get her way.  Especially in naming the child.

I think the woman should have more of a say in what her child should be named.



~ Future momma to Minami Rose <3

Tails and Whiskers

The mother should absolutely have more rights - it's native and natural that children should go with the mother and an imposition of patriarchal (chattel) society when she doesn't.

Its a lot easier to change ones religion than it is ones last name but with american women that marry muslim men in Iran its a lot diffrent. She can change her last name and religion to what ever she wants as long as her children keep their fathers name and remains muslim, thats the only way she can bring her children to the US.


Its kind of an intresting subject the white man even used to change the last name of people who came to this Country if he couldn't pronounce it.

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