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Window air conditioner recharge kit

Can I buy a kit to recharge my window Air Conditioner and if so where can i buy them? My email is dcarpenter72@yahoo.com. Please need immediate assistance wife is pregnant and heat is unbareable. /

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did u find a leak?  ive never known one to need refridgerent unless u gashed a hole in it. the main problem with window air conditioners is in the switch or that little piece of bimetal on the compresser. u can also try cycleing the compressor at the wall on/off,on/off with the power switch in the high cool position,and pulling the plug as a switch 'till the refridge balances if it was stored on its side

No i just got this air conditioner from a friend in which he bought it used from someone else. I changed to power cord on it. It seemed to work for about 2 days but now not kicking out any cold air.

well if it was cold 4 a coupleof days its not the refridgerent, it sounds to me the compressor isnt kicking in(?) maby?u changed the power cord, why? the weakest link in a window a/c is the control switch. if u r mechanicly inclined u can remove the switch, unscrew the two halves(sometimes they have little crimpy things holding it together) seperate the two halves. u will c the contacts inside, using some fine emery cloth course steel wool u can clean them. sometimes they r pitted beyound rebuild, but some r not. regrease using dielectric grease, assemble, install and hopefull all is fine. u can always buy a new switch, but they cost like 35.00. i hate spending money and always try fixing the switch first. i hope this helps you

I couldn't wait just to darn hot here and with wife pregnant I just decided to buy a whole new air conditioner for her health. Plus I called a couple repair shops and they had a 3 week waiting period.  Thanks everyone for your assistance.

If you have not found a leak then there is no need to get a recharge kit. If you feel that it is not working to its optimum capacity I would suggest you to get it checked by a professional.

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our ac unit is old GE worked 4 8+ years. and last year it would work and then wouldnt at times. And this year it gets it some and it dont. I asked a local ac place and they said it needs to be recharge or buy new one. Want to recharge not buy new. How much do they cost?

This sounds like a terrible problem. If I were you I would call your air conditioning service and see what they can do for you. There could be a lot of things they can do to help you. I have just recently got my ac service done and I haven't had problems for a while now. Thank you for sharing this information and question!

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