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Is there ever a time when a no win no fee would ...

Is there ever a time when a no win no fee would actually have a fee tacked on? I know that many people tend to be confused about this and I am one of them without a doubt.

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You could have other "costs of litigation" such as expert witness fees, court reporter fees. But your contract with the attorney and or public adjuster should state this. Also, if your attorney loses your case, YOU could be the one stuck with paying the other sides costs. So read your contract carefully.

One Idea Alone Can Add $10,000.00 To A Claim

The lawyer won't take on your case if he feels you do not have the chance to win the lawsuit to begin with. In the UK, for example, the solicitor may get you to enter in to a 'conditional fee arrangement' or require you to purchase an insurance policy to cover legal costs should you lose your no win no fee claims.


exactly, a no win no fee solicitor will review your claim first before getting on it. he needs to figure it out if you have a strong grounds to win your claim. a no win no fee compensation or conditional fee agreement simply means that if a claimant lose his or her claim, he or she won't be paying his or her solicitor's fee. the insurance will cover the fees etc...

i would suggest, before engaging in a such agreement, you need to review it first before signing anything from solicitor. it would be a great help if you ask advice from your family, relatives or friends or maybe someone who already experience such terms or agreement.

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