Listen to yourself.. Make you wife want to go to a nudest camp.. That's like her making you go to an opera or some place where she loves to go but you hate to even think about. There's several reasons why people won't or don't do things or go to places.. One being self-consciousness concerning something about them.. Maybe you've never complimented her on her body, the way she looks.. Now you want her to go naked in front of strangers? And what if she begins to enjoy it and as a consiquence decides she'd rather do that than be with you any more, have you taken that into consideration? You could be creating your own demise. If your truely interested in becoming a nudest (if you aren't already) then you should work slow trying to convince her in joining you.. Let her take the pace, not you and if she still refuses then honor that decision, don't get angry.. You can still go and if she refuses you going then she would be in the wrong.. Nudisim isn't something to deal with lightly, it's takes a certain mentality to go bare in front of others but it isn't impossibe, it can happen, just work slow.. No demands and honor her decision. Geesh! this generation is really a me, my, mine era..

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