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How to get my wife to squirt?

My wife learned recently from a girl friend that she can make her self squirt and my wife would like to try it.

I have tryed fingering her but when I push against her g-spot she says it hurts. She has told me that when we are screwing.She feels like she is going to pee but she contaracts around my penis so hard that it makes me come first.

I really want to give her this pleasure. Does anyone have any advise. 

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fergchi, the problem is, some women do and some women don't. Your wife may be one of those that doesn't. The level of stimulation has nothing to do with it, it is a bodily function like all others, you can't control it and you can't make it happen if her body is not designed to do so. Some women have multiple orgasms and others have none, and some are lucky to achieve one.

Just enjoy your sex and forget  about it, it's no bid deal one way or the other. As long as your lovemaking is great, don't screw it up (excuse the pun), just enjoy what you have and don't make her feel pressured into performing a feat she may not be able to achieve. It will only distract from your fun.

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Sorry Annette I must disagree with you here. Yes every woman is different but virtually all healthy women can squirt if they train themselves to and the man knows what he is doing.

The reason so many women fail to orgasm is mainly because most men (and most women for that matter) don't have a clue what they are doing.

Women who have one orgasm with the average guy will easily have 5 or more with a guy who has spent the time learn what he's doing.

The female orgasm is mostly mental and if the woman isn't mentally turned on enough it is much harder to give her an orgasm.

You are right in saying relax and enjoy it though, this is vital.


Yes, I would suggest using your fingers only if she is making you ejaculate first, and especially if she says it hurts. However, you don't want to use a lot of pressure if that's the case. Stimulate the same area, but gently rub with the tips of your finger tips. Think of it more as a light massage. Make sure though that you are actually in the right area of the g spot. Here is a good female ejaculation guide that can help.

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