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how do i know if my wife is cheating on me? i need some help please because i have many clues. thank you.

~Warning Signs of Infidelity~  

  1. She has a problem when you answer her cell phone.
  2. Private or discreet phone conversations.
  3. Has a separate account(s) (Bank, phone & email).
  4. Spends more $money $ in cash (ATM) & credit card.  
  5. More attention to appearance (Diet, clothes & GYM)
  6. Consistant odor of perfume.
  7. Changed attitude and distant.
  8. Sex drive/Bedroom intimacy is abnormal. 
  9. Trips with the friends (guys or girls).
  10. Comes home late, maybe with liquor on breath.
  11. Computer use increases and has private passwords.
  12. Caught on online dating sites.
  13. Spending more time at work or work related events.
  14. Trust your gut instinct.

However, the # 1 and most always present sign of infidelity that our Infidelity Investigators say contribute to the vast majority of (if not all) infidelity cases is ??? Separate Accounts (Bank, home & mobile phones, Credit Cards, computer login & email, etc.) .

 Hope that helps...

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