why you would like to work with fly dubai?

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Answered: Am working in residential visa at dubai am a ...

Why would go to Australia where you are already in Dubai. Damn man, Dubai is a very great country. I would love to choose Dubai than Australia (no offense). But I really want to see Australia too , I have a a very good Aussie friend there in Queensland. I suggest you go for Australian Jobs forums ...

Answered: Cost to build labour camp in Dubai

i dont know about the cost of construction in dubai. i think its more expensive than the usual. Jobs In Dubai

Answered: Dubai travel

I can recommend you this restaurant located in the World Tallest building of the World the Burj Khalifa in Dubai http://www.seatholidays.com/middleeast/uae/dubai/tour/atmosphere-restaurant-dubai.asp

Answered: Is there any job opportunity in Dubai for Biotechnology? Please reply

Hi Laila, What you need is the TOP 20 Recruitment Agencies in Dubai . There are over 5000 in UAE. But, the TOP 20 Agencies listed are the ones filling 85 % of vacancies in Dubai and UAE. These are the ones that people like you and me have voted for, due to our experience in dealing with them. So ...

Answered: I have found a job in dubai and need to apply for ...

Well, you can refer above to my answer for more details and if you are interested for renting any apartment in Dubai, then I may help you as I have recently found a place where you can find places for renting and accommodation in Dubai and this is the best place which I have searched so far ...
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My daughter has asthma. Will Dubai be a good climate for her?

I agree consult your doctor first for recommendations. Dubai is hot with fine dust so it would be diff for some asthmatic. But Dubai is not bad at all. If you got a lot of money to buy a good house and suv/car then there's no problem with you. Dubai is a very wonderful country. http://www ...

What is fly fishing?

Hard to answer this better than American Patroit closed profile stalker lenore but I can recommend you some Cartersville GA fly fishing classes, which are now helping me as you could not imagine, just try it..#mce_temp_url#

What are you doing at work on tuesday

Probably cleaning up the empty beer bottles and piles of vomit left in the parking lot by all the people who don't know what trash cans or toilets are for.

Im a biotechnology graduate.what are its possibilities in Dubai?. are

Well you can surely find job there. For more info visit Dubai Careers .