Why you think it is optimal to partner with families in teaching wellness concepts to young children?

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Answered: I am finding it hard to reconcile my children's ...

You are the best model to your children and of course your home is best school and the best community they can mod themselves. Be a good example to your children and your home be a good responsible community to them.

Answered: Teaching early definitely helps but my daughter ...

I understand - I feel as though I hardly have time for my own reading, let alone all of the things I need to do on the computer each day. One thing that Dear Abby suggests (and I agree) is to designate one night a week NO SCREENS NIGHT. That means no computer, cell phone, TV - you get the idea ...

Answered: At what age can you teach a child to make decisions for themselves and to

They will show you through their maturity level at each stage of their development. You will know what is too much or too little just by observing them in what they are handling now.

Answered: Do you think it should be illegal to teach religion to anyone under the

I think it should be illegal not to. Kids who grow up with no knowledge of God, are deprived of the fundamental meaning of life which is to love, honor and serve God with whatever particular gifts they were born with. (Now let the idiotic debate begin on what a 'religion' is...I can tell you what it ...

Answered: What does concept mean ?

The meaning of an idea or theme.

Answered: Power teaching

Thanks for the question. The West coast version of power teaching seems to be an approach to classroom management with attention to engaging students. It has institutional support at a California college. In contrast, the East coast version is a systems model connecting three factors for innovative ...
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I think it depends on the child as well as his parents and the environment in which he lives. My grandson is an only child (so far); he plays with any child who's willing regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.

If you have a child who is a pessimist, is it possible to change the

Children learn by solid examples. When they see someone close to them who operates in an optimistic mindset and as a result has a better life they will take notes and take heed. If they desire better results from their life and they see that this way of thinking can generate them; they will ...

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You can volunteer with them at a soup kitchen.

Arabic books for children?

Hello, Medinah Arabic Course looks Great. Thanks for answering.