why would my inducer fan run durning cooling on my trane furnace?

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Answered: Air blows even after furnace shuts off?

If you tun off your air conditioning unit , it is normal to blow some air for second or about a minute. If you see more other from that, call immediately for a technician.

Answered: I recently unplugged my digital thermostat during ...

Check the instruction booklet. You might have inadvertently set it to do this and all you need to do is reset the unit to factory settings to fix the problem.

Answered: Can you safely run a window air conditioner unit when its raining?

Yes,it is still safe to turn on air conditioning units , a long as it is safe from water e system itself.accumulation that would then affect parts and the system itself.

Answered: Why wont the fan on the compressor turn off after i have turned off the

There might be an electrical problem with the fan. I'd contact a technician in your area to come take a look at the problem.

Answered: What are the advantages of a hot air furnace

I offer my congratulations on your perceptiveness.
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Consult with heating and cooling technologies professionals . You can seek near by home or get advice by calling them. There are many technologies present which can help HVAC certified professionals to locate the problem and resolving it.

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