Why would learning language as a toddler be difficult to explain through the application of operant psychology shaping procedures?

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Answered: Learning Sign Language?

Signing is more difficult if you have no one to sign with..it helps to have a partner..you can both use ear plugs to get the acutual mind set..and start by learning the alphabet and proper placement of the fingers..because placement can change a word to become another..there is a great book for ...

Answered: How can playtime help children learn to speak? are there any games out

Children learn to talk by immitating others who talk. If they only hear other children talk they won't gain a large vocabulary. They need to hear adults talk and read. Then they will immitate the big words and try to read. Singing, games of all types, particularly naming games (pictures, items, etc ...

Answered: What software for learning American Sign Language ...

use www.handspeak.com on the web and it is free and it is true ASL

Answered: What are the advantages and disadvantages of learning a foreign

The advantages: You can read a wider range of literature and expand your knowledge of other cultures Travel in the world easily e.g. if you learn Spanish you can travel most of the world and get by stimulate your brain develop your thinking capacity retain your memory longer watch foreign ...

Answered: How to learn to operate a computor?

Oh my goodness Start NOW Turn the button on. YOU will see a WINDOW(SCREEN) on this screen is an arrow it should be visible when you move the mouse. Point the ARROW at the internet it is the big round e thing. There will be a page like a square you can learn to navigate by moving the mouse around and ...

Answered: How long does it take toddlers to learn sign language?

Every child is different and practice is the key to teaching signing. Some babies start signing around 12 months of age...but every child is different and has their own developmental milestones. Just keep practicing and you will see results
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Sign Language

HI Brandy! I am a deaf and I know the sign language. Its nice to hear when your wife took the course for sign language. Someday, She will meet deaf people to communicate with them. By the way, Deaf is in small world.

Can babies really learn sign language? I tried a sign language class a

Absolutely!! Baby sign language is powerful way to help babies increase language abilities earlier than their little bodies can handle oral language skills. Babies naturally speak with their hands- reaching up to be picked up, waving hello and bye- it's amazing what they can learn. If you teach a ...

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The best of methods: learn, don't think about too long. Try this: The Rough Guide German phrasebook (mp3+pdf)