Why would a virgo man cheat?

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Answered: Im a cancer man and i recently tested my virgo ...

I'm a cancer also and I pay no attenton to astrology at all. I'm not worried whether the stars are aligned properly; I'm worried about people's brains working properly. Obviously this is a very immature relationship. Why not get back to school and beef up your reading ad writing skills. The more you ...

Answered: Cheating

This is not a good thing .. Not a good thing at all.

Answered: Can virgo guys answer this question

Put an end to this astrology nonsense, get back to school, and beef up your english and reading skills. Take him with you. Do not under any circumstances have unprotected sex until you've improved your overall intelligence. See a counselor at a community college--many free or low cost courses. Good ...

Answered: Why do people cheat?

People cheat because (1) the grass looks greener in the other pasture; (2) they get the "hots" for someone else; (3) they are self-centered selfish people who want what they want when they want it; (4) they become emotionally connected with another individual; and (5) they're horny and sex with a ...
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Is it cheating??

If your spouse is cheating on you it is fully certain that he or she will be using their computer to maintain the relationship.Spotdoggy spy software will reveal if you have a cheating spouse because it can Automatically records all the activities on the PC & Internet.Although there are many ...

Hairest man effingham county?

I think it's the one that you have a blind date with next Saturday.

Is he cheating?

The best way is to just talk to him about it. Bring it out in the open. Trust is everything in a relationship and it sounds like you could use some trust building skills. If you think he is, mention it.

How to spot a woman that will cheat with a married man?

Do you really think that such a moman will have special signs that will enable you to identify her ? Wrong thinking......