Why would a dog who has been very happy and friendly, suddenly become moody, aloof and distant and doesn't want to be around her owners? Dog is a 3 year old, collie,?

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Not hard at all. The dog is extremely agile, able to crouch, spring and corner skilfully for the purpose of driving the recalcitrant sheep or cattle into line. The Border's coat should not be overly abundant yet should be double and thick enough to be weather resistant. In appearance it is most ...

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I just stumbled upon your question while looking for something totally unrelated. But anyway, I have alopecia areata look that up. Sounds like what it could be. There is no real evidence of what causes this, they believe it could be stress related. I had bald patches up to 1/2 dollar size. They ...

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Border Collies come in many colors and there are different "types' but an experienced dog person would be able to tell. Look at akc.org and read about them. Learn about their standard....it is self explanitory.
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