why won't roboform work on aol 9.7?

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Answered: Plugin that will attach roboform to aol 9.7 windows xp

One place to check is - Start - control panel - administrative tools - Services - Plug and Play. Thair will be a few things their that are disabled. That's a hard subject for me. Here things can be started and stopped. ------------- You can do a search for roboform plugin.

Answered: Aol 9.7 uninstall/reinstall problems

Hi there: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Can't uninstall the AOL Desktop Software

Answered: Why Is Roboform Not Working With Latest AOL 9.7? I ...

Desktop 9.7 uses Webkit/Gecko as its underlying browser engine, while 9.6 and 10.1 use Microsoft's IE/Trident engine. Roboform doesn't integrate with AOL Desktop 9.7's browser.

Answered: Does any other software works for Windows 8, AOL 9.7 doesn't work for me

whyis when i changed my pass word it keeps saying you got mail and then it kicks me off and starts to repeat the same thing?
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