why won't my tds wifi connect to ipad2?

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Answered: IPad 2 alternatives?

I think the Kindle Fire is probably your best bet.

Answered: Why when i turn off my laptop i have to reenter my password to connect of

Ok...Honey. I don't know what kind of wifi you connect to or what version of windows. But I have a Dell Laptop and Windows Vista...so I'm going to try to talk you through this with what I have....some things may be different...but when in doubt...don't. Just call your computer manufacturer or ...

Answered: IPad 2's processors capabilities?

The battery lasts longer than expected then The built-in, sorta-stereo speaker works surprisingly well. Wide viewing angle for movies and video.The iPad doesn't run hot. Comic books look amazing. The iPad makes an amazing calculator

Answered: If someone is using my hotspot wifi connection how can i find out what

Yes you can see them who are using your WIFI hotspot network. it will show on your device. you can easily view them.

Answered: AOL 9.7 lost connection.

help, help why aol lost home connection

Answered: Ipsec VPN connection at a public library

First you need to make a sharing with your host server only than you can establish vpn connection. I will suggest you to change your mac ip setting and allow other network for file sharing than might be your vpn connection will run. www.vpnchoice.com/blog/mac-vpn/
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How can I password protect my Wi-Fi connection?

There is a great article on dailywireless.com that should be able to help you secure your wifi connection.

Excellent connection still cant log onto Ipad

Well, I think it is in the setting. Maybe you can ask help from expert in you locality or from your friends.

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